The Truth About Monmouth Park Management.

June 2nd, 2017
Monmouth Park Racetrack
Robert J Kulina, Bill Anderson, Bill Knauf
175 Oceanport Ave, Oceanport, NJ 07757

Dear Mr. Kulina, Anderson and Knauf,

I have made three attempts to contact you via phone, leaving voicemails and my phone number with Mr. Heims, Mr. Brad Thomas, Ms. Laura and Mr. Kulina, during the week of May 30th through June 2nd. Not one call has been returned. Please review the demand letter, synopsis and summary below.

On May 27th, 2017, I came to Monmouth Park Racetrack. Seconds before Race 3, while using pari-mutuel computer number 139 with a voucher totaling $350.70, 1 man walked to the left pari-mutuel computer 138, while another man reached to my pari-mutuel computer 139, hit final on my computer, grabbed the voucher and ran. I followed the man outside and approached him and he laughed in my face about stealing the voucher or giving it back. I went back to the pari-mutuel phone while keeping eyes on him, and called for pari-mutuel customer service. A pari-mutuel customer service agent came in about 5 minutes. I relayed to him what happened, showed him where the man was moving too, and asked him to immediately cancel the voucher. I had trifecta vouchers in my hand (3 at $18 each) printed seconds before the theft, therefore I had the voucher number and the exact time the voucher was taken. His response was there is absolutely nothing they could do, despite all the information I provided. He called his supervisor and told me to wait while he followed the man. His supervisor Joe came with another pari-mutuel customer service representative and both said there is nothing they could do and I would need to go to the information desk to request security while they kept eyes on the thief.

I went to the information desk and spoke to pari-mutuel supervisor Laura, who I am very close with over the last 21 years of attending Monmouth Park Racetrack. Laura called for security, and made several calls in search for the stolen voucher. Security Manager Jerry Russomanno arrived after about 10 minutes and had me guide him to the pari-mutuel computer, and to where the pari-mutuel customer service representatives were watching the thief, after I explained to him what happened. When we arrived outside, the pari-mutuel representatives were gone, as was the thief. The man that approached my left shoulder using computer #138 at the same time, was sitting in a chair with his son and his son’s fiancé. I asked security manager Jerry Russomanno to simply review the camera tapes, and speak with the 6 witnesses that watched this happen, that were still currently standing at the pari-mutuel computers. Security manager Jerry Russomanno said that there are no cameras on any of the pari-mutuel computers in the entire park, so there is no camera to review and it would be my word vs. the thief’s, and even if we find the thief, he must have the ticket on him for anything to be done, despite all the documentation of proof I had on the theft.

We walked back to pari-mutuel supervisor Laura, she stated after several calls, she tracked down the voucher and the thief cashed it in the mezzanine. I asked both security manager Jerry Russomanno and pari-mutuel Supervisor Laura if they could review the cameras where the ticket was cashed, as this is a teller computer, not a pari-mutuel computer and security manager Jerry Russomanno stated that he shouldn’t be telling me this, but there are also no cameras at the pari-mutuel tellers in the mezzanine so we have no way of catching the thief or finding out who he is. I asked if we could get the police involved as this is a theft and security manager Jerry Russomanno called the Oceanport, NJ Police.

When the Oceanport, NJ Police arrived, they asked security manager Jerry Russomanno if there were cameras that they could review, he again stated to officer Gaita that there were no cameras to review. Officer Gaita #497 told me that If I wanted to move forward that I would have to track down the thief throughout the 20,000+ people on hand at Monmouth Park for the food truck festival. Officer Gaita #497 and security manager Jerry Russomanno, also approached the man in the chairs that walked to my left, and they both reported back that this man was with his son and son’s fiancé and due to “who he was with” he could not possible be the cause of wrong doing. However, he refused to provide any information, vouchers or cash on hand.

In conclusion, despite being one of the biggest supporters of Monmouth Park Racetrack over the last 21 years, I was robbed of $350.70, lost 3 hours of my time with my ill father and all involved were unable to help in any type of way outside of pari-mutuel supervisor Laura, who did in fact, do everything she could to try and track down the voucher and thief. Despite voucher proof, exact time proof via pari-mutuel phone with pari-mutuel security while the thief cashed the ticket, 6 witnesses, 3 pari-mutuel customer service reps following the thief and additional trifecta voucher proof of theft, I was told oh well, it happens.

There were no cameras to prove anything was done, which is a complete negligence in security that is considered a family friendly park that also involve wagers of an excessive amount of money throughout each day. No customer knows that there are no camera’s while thousands, to hundreds of thousands of dollars are being handled. I am sure many Monmouth Park Racetrack customers would be in fear of handling any money, at any pari-mutuel computers going forward. This thief also now has the confidence to go to anyone’s computer, hit final, steal the voucher at any point and time and run, and there is still no security in place to catch him.

I demand that a check be sent for $750 by July 2nd, 2017 for my stolen voucher, the 2-3 hours that were supposed to be an ill father/son day wasted while dealing with this situation and the additional time spent after work having to write a demand letter, speak with legal services and make several calls during my lunch to try and rectify this matter via phone. If I don’t receive payment by that date, I’ll promptly file this case in small claims court, have a public record available of the report, police case number and follow all legal avenues to collect it. I also think I could be a valuable piece on correcting the current security problems, I would be more than willing to help in this area as a longtime customer of Monmouth Park Racetrack. You may reach me anytime at 732-691-1949.

Ryne Olsen

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