Monmouth Park Picks, 5/27/2017

Got a lot of DM’s while last Saturday’s card was playing out. Definitely enjoyed the opinionated discussions, thoughts, Monmouth Park and horse talk. I would be lying if I didn’t say my main focus was not on the triple crown trail as my good buddy Steve P and I take a $10,000+ run into the Belmont Stakes from just the two big races. I also did not watch any of the Sunday card live, so put a good amount of race replay work in.

I called on Tuesday to my buddy Pat that management is so bad, there is no shot the card is left entirely on turf today. Early on in my academia, I was taught you have to put yourself in patients shoes to understand decisions and thoughts. If it was someone with knowledge, on their 2nd biggest draw of the year it’s on, however, I’m not making the decision, and I seem to be in the minority. We shall see, I will adjust my picks accordingly if my father does not ask me to pick him up at 6am to depart for a 12:50 card J

Lastly, tread lightly on the early portion of the card and pound late. Early on there is a ton of question marks, some atrocious horses and very questionable drops, layoffs etc. It’s a guessing game to say the least. Don’t blow your load before you get to what matters.

Updated at 11:15 A.M

Race 1: Off Turf, Good Luck

Race 2: Top Pick will win by 10 lengths or be carried off track.
Top Pick: 5 – Best Bet
Main Contender: 4
Next in Line: 3,7
No Shot: 6

Race 3: Don’t have a strong opinion here, Also off Turf
Top Pick: 1
Main Contenders: 4,6,8
Next in Line: 3
No Shot: 5,7,9

Race 4: Don’t have a strong opinion here
Top Pick: 5
Main Contender: 8
Next in Line: 1,6
No Shot: 9

Race 5: 2 Horse Race
Top Picks: 7,8
Next in Line: 1,2,9
No Shot: 3,4,5,6

Race 6: 2 Horse Race
Top Picks: 2,5
Next in Line: 1,7,8
No Shot: 3,4,6

Race 7: Despite short field, All but 3 can win, competitive race.
Top Pick: 4
Main Contenders: 1,2,5,6,7
No Shot: 3

Race 8: Very weak opinion
Top Pick: 1
Main Contender: 5
Next in Line: 2,6
No Shot: 4

Race 9:  Will not Play Top Pick at anything under 2/1. There’s better for your money.
Top Pick: 2
Main Contenders: 3,4
Next in Line: 5,7,8
No Shot: 1,6,9,10,11,12,13

Race 10:
Top Pick: 5 – Best Bet
Main Contenders: 1,4
Next in Line: 3,7
No Shot: 2,6

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