Monmouth Park Picks, Mother’s Day 5/14/2017

Despite the weather, My 20th straight opening day will go down as top 3 all time at Monmouth.  Finished with barely over $100 profit, but really had a great time around the entire park with good friends and has many good conversations with trainers, jockeys and owners. Additionally, the new Kentucky Vanilla Ale at the finish bar was great and a must have.

Mom says she wants to see the ponies today, so back at it I am. We are off the turf again, making things a little more difficult IMO and I can’t imagine the track not being sloppy again. Good Luck.

Race 1:
Top Pick: 4 – Best Bet
Main Contender: None
Next in Line: 5,6
No Shot to Win: 1,2,3

Race 2: Possible All Punch off Turf, Weak Top Pick
Top Pick: 9
Main Contenders: None
Next in Line: 6
No Shot to Win: 3,4,8

Race 3:
Top Pick: 5
Main Contenders: 2,3
Next in Line: 1
No Shot to Win: 4,6,7

Race 4:
Top Pick: 2
Main Contenders: 1A,3
No Shot to Win: 4,5,6,7

Race 5:
Top Pick: 7 – Best Bet
Main Contenders: None
No Shot to Win: Rest of Field

Race 6:
Top Pick: 7
Main Contenders: 1
Next in Line: 4,6
No Shot to Win: 2,5

Race 7:
Top Pick: 7
Main Contender: 2
Next in Line: 3,4,8
No Shot to Win: 1,5,6,9,10

Race 8:
Top Pick: 6
Main Contender: 8
Next in Line: 4, 1A
No Shot to Win: 10

Race 9:
Top Pick: 3
Main Contender: 6
No Shot to Win: Rest of Field
3,6 Box – 3,6>3,6>All

Race 10:
Top Pick: 7
Main Contender: 4
Next in Line: 5
No Shot to Win: 1,2,3,8

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