Monmouth Park Picks, Friday, August 12th, 2016

Unfortunetly I have to start posting these after the tournaments take off as I have come across 2 people who use all my picks vs. me. Which is fine but does hurt my window supporters. Get Hot Stay Hot Chalk Up

Race 1: 6-3/4-3/4 – Best Bet

Race 2: 1-2-4/5/6-4/5/6 – Can make a strong arguement for #2 and good one for 4 & 5. Will not play to win, merely watch.

Race 3: 2-8-1

Race 4: 7-2/3/5-2/3/5 – Best Bet

Race 5: 2-4-8

Race 6: 8-6-5

Race 7: 11-7-5 – Top pick scratched makes this race pretty open, tread lightly.

Race 8: 5-7-2 – Top pick also scratched here, small field open race, all can win, tread lightly.

Race 9: 4/5-4/5/-1 – Have strong arguement for both, will probably stop playing card after the 6th.

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