Monmouth Park Picks, Sunday, July 24th, 2016

We again try to build on the Haskell bankroll. Twitter followers tell me it was $2.7g profit yesterday on Ex/Tri/Double Boxes, unlike my nature but glad you guys cashed a bunch will asking for additional in race insight. Will try to expand on that here and will be there live if you would like that insight instead of through DM, just come with a cold one. Get Hot Stay Hot, Chalk Up.

Race 1: 6-2-4/5

Race 2: 4-7-1 – Will use 7 defensively, Small.

Race 3: 1-6-5 – Best Bet

Race 4: 7-3-9/10 – Will use 3 defensively and maybe 10 after paddock look.

Race 5: 4-2-1/3 – Wide open between those 4, use them all defensively in key situation.

Race 6: 8-1/2/6/9-1/2/6/9 – Best Bet

Race 7: 6-10-2 – Will use 10 defensively.

Race 8: 2-5-4/7 – Will use 5 defensively.

Race 9: 6/1-1A/All – 1 of those 2 will win, Use both.

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