Monmouth Park Picks, Friday, July 15th, 2016

Was on the DL for a small stint last week while attending a destination wedding. It’s hot in Florida! The 53% winning train will continue to roll today.

Race 1: 1/3/6 – Can make strong case for all 3. Will not play to win, Ex/Tri Box.

Race 2: 3-2-6

Race 3: 7-9-1/2/8 – Can make strong for the 9. Will use defensively.

Race 4: 1/2-8/9-8/9 – Can make strong arguement for 1 & 2, Listed in post position order, do not have a favorite. Will not play to win, Key both on top.

Race 5: 5-1/2-1/2 – Best Bet

Race 6: 2-3/4-3/4 – Will use both the 3 & 4 defensively.

Race 7: 7-1-11

Race 8: 7-5/8-5/8 – Best Bet

Race 9: 1/6/7/8 – Any of the 4 can win, Not sure how I will use. Maybe Ex/Tri/Super Box/Key. Listed in post postion order, don’t have a favorite.

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