NHC Tournament Recap, July 3rd, 2016

A few take away’s from this weekend’s tournament. Agree or Disagree, comment or ask a question, or maybe some learning tools. If you are still not learning in this grueling game and think you know it all, you will continue to lose money I promise you that. Every day at the window or tournament day, every new handicapper you meet provides a new learning tool, always keep that in mind.

The first thing that came to mind to me after this tournament that has lingered on from a few others is how hard it is to play poor vs. the horse ballers. When people ask about my job I always use the analogy, “I’m a doctor that gets paid like the office janitor and works like a surgeon”. That’s the god’s honest truth. I make a decent living for my age sure, but I saved up the $500 in my entries heading into this tournament. Gosh, I have a wedding to plan and save for and the fact alone that my significant other lets me play in and supports me in these is one of the several reasons I am marrying her.

Back to the point though, it’s really difficult to play with these ballers that show up, have a $150/$250/$500 bankroll and pick any horse in the first race and put it all on that horse knowing if they win their bankroll is minimum $700/$1,500/$2,000 or if they lose they have another entry. This is the 3rd tournament in a row that I have played in where someone went all in on 1 of 2 entries to start the day. As a poor player you are automatically grinding the day away to catch him and you are in a deep hole without even setting up your chairs at the venue. Really irks me as one of the draw backs to a live tournament where you are allowed to have more than 1 entry and if you have money, how you use one card is honestly laughable. It’s a real disadvantage to the people that don’t have money to dart throw to start the day and honestly, it’s not handicapping or impressive in the tiniest bit. It’s a cop out if you ask me.

The second thing is how tough it is to play at a young age in the same nature vs. the ballers or retired. I don’t have the ability to go all in like that. Hell, 9 different people sent me a DM about the United Nations race, I sent them all the same exact message back “World Approval, will not and Can Not Lose”. Here I am in 21st and I have $189 bankroll with 4 races to play and only put $100 on him to win. Yes, that propelled me to 7th, but in my heart while punching those buttons I don’t have the balls or money to put more on him, if I did I surely lock up a Top 10 spot on the leaderboard and extra cash. It’s a mindset that has to be changed. I do understand many call me the youngest tournament handicapper at the track so my lifestyle is also different to my opponents, but to be successful in these tournaments I have to be able to let loose, and it has really limited me several times now.

I could go on with many other things positive and negative but for time’s sake, last but not least, on a positive note, I have now participated in 7 live tournaments and at some point in the day I have been on the top 10 of the leaderboard for at least 4 straight races. I really don’t think people understand how difficult these are with 200-500 entries per tournament. It really excites me for my tournament career going forward. I’ve been in striking distance in each and one close out, especially in the two latest and I’ve secured myself a NHC and BCBC seat. I really look forward to these, I have a lot of fun but also but also put a TON of time in. It’s taxing but has also been really rewarding for me and I look forward to many more to come.

I appreciate the support from life long track friends, Steve and my family that always make it out, my fiancé that shows anytime I ask and also from some twitter relationships that I’ve built that followed me the entire way through DM or live on the leaderboard and checked in with thoughts and ideas, or handicapped the cards on their own and provided me their insight. None of it goes un-noticed. Thank you.

I may add more to this at a later point, but wanted to at least get this out there.

Get Hot Stay Hot


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